The HMS Exeter Association would like to pay tribute to all those who served on HMS Exeter either 68 or D89.

If you know of anyone who is not listed and who may have passed recently, please do let us know.

Crossed the Bar

Sadly some of our Exeter shipmates remain on patrol or have passed on since the ships did:

                Name:                                                   Date:

  • Taff Lenthall                                        March 2023
  • Ian Skeldon                                  15th March 2023
  • Mick Whitehouse                            February 2023
  • Bernie Burnett
  • Ted Robinson                                                   2020
  • Bill Caine
  • Chris Mayall                                  9 January 2022
  • Alan Barlow                                 19 January 2022
  • Reg (Pasty) Cornall                    2nd August 2021
  • Basil Trott (68)                               24th July 2021
  • Gracie Fields (Kelsang Norbu)   9th March 2018
  • Steve Lunt                                22nd October 2020
  • Jim London (68)                       25th August 2019
  • Lee Neal                                                  June 2019
  • Paul Harvey-Hunter.                       1st June 2019
  • Tony Curtis                                     February 2019
  • Tony (Benny) Benton          26th December 2018
  • Steve Wilkinson                     6th November 2018
  • Allan Heath                                     12th July 2017
  • Graeme Philip Allen                   15th March 2017
  • Dougie Grant (68)                     2nd January 2017
  • Danny Daniel                       15th September 2016
  • George Gaskell (68)            27th December 2016
  • Joe Asher (68)                     15th December 2016
  • Danny Daniel                                   15th Sep 2016
  • Colin Coulson                            15th August 2015
  • (Bungy) Thomas Williams                                             13th Feb  2013
  • Charlie Devine                                18th July 2009
  • Dave Ashford.                                 10th May 2009
  • Christian Key                              3rd October 2008
  • Dave Austen                         25th November 2007
  • Scott Kirby                                      11th July 2006
  • Hugh Balfour                                 29th June 1999
  • Tony (Creepy) Crawley                                    1999
  • Billy Connolly                                                    1982
  • Adrian Sunderland                       25th May 1982                                                  (KIA HMS Coventry)
  • Ron Fisher

In Waters Deep

Once I looked from the Tamar Bridge at the warships down below,
ships of the modern navy with names I did not know.
And, as I stood and gazed at them on the water far below I saw a fleet of phantom ships and men of long ago.
The Rodney and the Nelson, the Valiant and Ramilies Repulse, Renown and Malaya, coming home from foreign seas.
I saw Revenge and Warspite, ill-fated Royal Oak, so many ships, their names made faint by shell and fire and smoke.
And some I see to harbour come as thro glasses dark, the Barham and the Glorious, the Eagle and the Ark,
and then, there comes the greatest, the mighty warship Hood, dark and grey and wraithlike, from the spot on which I stood.
From the cruel North Atlantic, from the Med and Java sea, the big ships and the little ships returned for me to see.
There's the Dorsetshire, Edinburgh, Campbeltown and Kent, the Cossack, and Courageous, the Charybdis and Ardent.
Now I can't see very clearly, must be smoke that's in my eyes, but mercifully hidden are the men and stilled, their raucous cries.
You don't know Shorty Hasset, he won the D.S.M. He still fought on when Exeter was burning stern to stem.
Where now.! Dodger Long and Lofty, where now the boys and men? They are lost and gone forever-shall we see their likes again?
I thought I saw them mustering on deck for daily prayer, and heard 'For those in Peril'' rise on the evening air.
Then darker grew the picture as the lowering night came on, I looked down from that lofty bridge, but all the ships were gone.
Those mighty ships had vanished; gone those simple men, we'll surely never-ever, see the likes of them again.
In ocean wastes no poppies blow,... No crosses stand in ordered row,
Their young hearts sleep... beneath the wave... The spirited, the good, the brave,
But stars a constant vigil keep, For them who lie beneath the deep.
'Tis true you cannot kneel in prayer On certain spot and think. "He's there." But you can to the ocean go... See whitecaps marching row on row;
Know one for him will always ride... In and out... with every tide. And when your span of life is passed, He'll meet you at the "Captain's Mast."
And they who mourn on distant shore For sailors who'll come home no more,
Can dry their tears and pray for these Who rest beneath the heaving seas... For stars that shine and winds that blow And whitecaps marching row on row.
And they can never lonely be For when they lived... they chose the sea.
by Eileen Mahoney:
" The Siren`s song ".
You who lie below the wave who have no marker for your grave,
All you who perished in the raging sea.
I hear you in your mournful song that haunts my mind and lingers long,
And tests my dreams that hold my memory.
No hesitation did you give you gave your life so I could live,
No thought but all for freedom in this land.
I see you in the breaking wave all young men,  so very brave,
And hope that other generations understand.
Such courage that was here displayed such dedication here obeyed,
From you who stand all heroes on your own.
A sailor by a simple name but Supermen of older fame,
Remembered in a churchyard on a blessed piece of stone.
I stand beside a silent sea that brings your memories to me,
And I cast my mind back far beyond the shore.
I listen to the Siren`s song that brings you back where you belong,
And my gratitude is yours forevermore.
I cast a poppy from a ship and as it leaves my fingertip,
It carries all my thanks atop that sea.
My thanks for all you sailors brave who have no marker for your grave,
All you who perished for, my liberty.
" Good night, God bless, by your sacrifice was freedom gained".
By Mick Westwood (an ex Miner)

A useful aide memoir for funerals of former Royal Navy personnel and details provided by the Chaplaincy, Portsmouth Dockyard, Re: Commital of ashes.

 (thank you Dean Deakins)

Funeral.docx_1476107501040.pdf Funeral.docx_1476107501040.pdf
Size : 85.298 Kb
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Committal info Mar23.doc Committal info Mar23.doc
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Committal request Oct 23.doc Committal request Oct 23.doc
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Casket Spec  Mar23.docx Casket Spec Mar23.docx
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HMS Exeter wreaths can be ordered via the slops page.  These unfortunately cannot be funded by the Association, as we are a free association. However, family or oppos of the deceased are able to order online.