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Chairman - Alan Leslie

Vice Chairman - Tom Jowett

Treasurer - Paul Stone

Secretary - Jessica Davis

Membership Secretary - Shane Craven

Slops Officer - Ronnie Kemp

Webmaster/Geek - Mick Murden

Macassar Contingent Rep - Tom Jowett

Ceremonial/Gob On Legs - Dean Deakins

General Commitee members:

James Ditchburn

Jennifer Schofield

Martin Horwell

Ray London

Yvonne Birchell

Tara Green 

Yvonne Birchell 

It is intended to recruit assistants for all committee positions......Do you fancy volunteering? 


HMS EXETER Association

The aims of HMS Exeter Association are:
• To bring together any individual who has served on-board HMS Exeter at any time.
• To promote social activities, mutual support and joint aid among our members.
• To establish annual reunions and encourage attendance of members from all eras of the ship’s history.

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