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Jessica 'Ginge' Davis served onboard between 99 - 01 as a Steward. Exeter was my first ship and luckily I was fortunate to join the 9 man mess. There were some great adventures to be had. My first trip to see, I can recollect a two week stint then back alongside into Portsmouth, Yup, I got land sickness, as pointed out to me swaying in the middle of HMV!

Land sickness is not all I suffered, I had terrible sea-sickness and usually had my own supply of stugeron, thanks to the LMA, a total life saver. Throwing your guts up in the wardroom galley whilst 'Sir' is having his breakfast was not an enjoyable experience, for any of us.

I enjoyed my trip down the Gulf and the above pic is when we were in Kuwait, during an event held at the British Embassy. That was an incredible evening, once the soreness of the sunburn had subsided. When do us 'Gingers' learn, we CAN NOT sunbathe!!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time onboard. Becoming involved with the Association in October 2015 has provided me withan opportunity to give something back to the Exeter community of which I was so fond.

Please share your memories too :)